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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rice Street Royalty Program?

We are an alumni run non-profit ambassador organization that represents the North End of Saint Paul and Little Canada areas. Our mission is to empower women through community leadership.

Rice Street Royalty candidates are provided the opportunity for professional development and mentorship from the Rice Street Royalty Alumni, to represent and volunteer in the Rice Street community, and network with other community ambassadors. Selected ambassadors serve for one year representing Rice Street Royalty and will each receive a $500 scholarship upon completion of the year.

Who's eligible to become a candidate?

The Rice Street Royalty program is open to all women 20 years of age and older. There are no restrictions with regards to marital status, dependents, place of residence, or employment status. The Rice Street Royalty program does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, assigned gender at birth, or sexual orientation.

What does the selection process look like?

A panel of judges will be chosen to select three women who best represent the Rice Street Royalty mission statement and vision. Judges will be selected after all applications have been submitted to ensure there are no pre-established personal relationships. If you have a previous personal connection with one of the chosen judges please come forward right away.

Candidates will be observed and selected on their engagement, professionalism, attendance, leadership and commitment to future alumni involvement. Judges are invited to attend all required candidate events, and their presence may not be announced. Two rounds of interviews will be held during candidacy to give the judges a chance to know you better. These interviews should be treated like any other job interview.


What is the time commitment as a candidate?

The candidate experience typically runs 2 months long, starting in June and ending at the beginning of August. Candidates will participate in 5-7 Rice Street Royalty hosted events, 2 interviews, and 6-8 community events throughout the summer. A more complete list with dates is provided after applications are due. Other optional events in the past have included candidate bonding, additional volunteering, and Rice Street community outings.

What are the personal costs involved?

Candidates will be provided with a candidate shirt and name tag. Any tickets or entry fees for Rice Street Royalty hosted events and other required events will be purchased on your behalf. Candidates will be responsible for any travel costs to and from required events, as well as any additional food or beverages purchased at or after events. The following are wardrobe items we will ask you to wear: white blouse and black pencil skirt, interview attire, a cocktail dress, and formal gown. You do not need to purchase new clothing items to wear to events; Many alumni are willing to loan dresses and outfits if you are in need. We ask candidates to bring a dessert auction item for Candidate Dinner, and to help create a raffle basket for RSR Showcase; If you have financial concerns related to bringing a dessert auction item or raffle basket, we will be able to assist you.

What am I responsible for?

Candidates are responsible for turning in their application by the application deadline and for securing their own sponsor by the sponsorship deadline. You should focus on local or family owned businesses in the North End or Little Canada areas. Sponsorship fees are $500 and candidates may acquire 2 sponsorships at $250 each if needed. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or problems securing a sponsor.

Candidates will also be responsible for communicating to the candidate committee if they are unable to attend any events as soon as possible. Any absences will be communicated to the selection committee. A candidate may provide a written statement to the selection committee regarding their absence. A list of event dates will be provided at the beginning of June, tentative dates are available upon request.

As part of the candidate experience, we ask candidates to help us fundraise for the upcoming year’s expenses. We ask candidates to donate their time and resources by helping us sell our 2024 RSR buttons, bringing a dessert auction item for Candidate Dinner, and creating a raffle basket for RSR Showcase. Further details will be given at the Candidate Welcome Meeting.

Are accommodations available for me?

We want to eliminate barriers you might have to ensure a successful and fun candidate experience by providing reasonable and necessary accommodations, so please let us know how we can help. Accommodation requests can be made in your application, or in writing at any time during candidacy. Some examples could include needing assistance due to a disability, required events falling on a religious holiday, concerns regarding the provided wardrobe and your religious practices, or dietary restrictions.

What should I expect if selected?

Rice Street Royalty Queen and Princesses serve as ambassadors and have the privilege of representing us for one year. During the year you will attend approximately 150 events, with the majority occurring during the summer months, and January. Most events are held on weekends and evenings, and many past ambassadors have served successfully while being full time undergraduate or graduate students, full time professionals, and even mothers.

Selected ambassadors will be responsible for any travel costs to and from required events, but all event entry will be paid for. Additional food and beverages will be out of pocket. The majority of your wardrobe will be provided, including one formal dress, business wear, crown, sash and nametag. Additional items may need to be purchased throughout the year at the advisement of the Wardrobe Committee.

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